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I’m a working mum with two grown up boys and one growing up little lady. In a previous life, I worked as a lawyer in London. I moved to Belgium 25 years ago – I’d always felt I was a French speaker at heart….and France wouldn’t have me, without the French (true).

After years of: watching French films; eating my way through French menus; listening into other people’s conversations; and generally making endless mistakes until my kids came along and refused to talk to me in English……I now dream in French. I still live in Belgium. In Brussels to be precise. My «ville de coeur» and adopted home.

I’ve spent much of the last quarter century helping people to navigate through their struggles, often by recognising destructive patterns, learning how to make better choices, protecting themselves early on and moving forward with healthier boundaries and coping strategies. I focus on empowering people to help themselves by ending abusive and or (self) destructive behaviours.

SaraKnows is a safe source of confidential advice, coping strategies and support through difficult times. I have a particular interest and expertise in relationship troubles, Narcissistic abuse & healing. It’s also a forum for sharing my insights and top tips for making good choices.

Responsive and happy to engage, I welcome your comments and questions through my contact page and will respond quickly where requested.

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