Care cant be put on hold.

Its either there, or it aint.

When we first met, you appeared so attentive and caring.

I thought I’d met my prince charming.

Mistook your questions for interest…we had so much in common.

But you were harvesting pertinent information.

Today you’re supposedly concerned about what I ate,

though tomorrow you wont think about whether I even saw a plate.

You’ll still hold my hand.. and my gaze, in public,

then lie to my face and feign sleep once your audience has left the building.

I’ve spied. I’ve seen the same lines repeated, over and over and over…

Multiple targets, charmed by the same bullshit offensive.

Then crushed once the chase is over.

Unceremniously but unreproachably shelved….

I know I’m just one on the list.

Perhaps your number 1 one…

But there are no prizes here for being the last twat standing.

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